Finding your new home

Find a property you like
Arrange a viewing by calling 01698 457157 or emailing enquiries@letsletproperty.co.uk
Once you have viewed a property you would like to take you pay a holding deposit
Fill in an application form (this can be done via email and online) and provide relevant documentation along with photo ID
On or before your move in date, pay the remaining balance of the deposit and your first months rent in advance
Move in date, pay any balance, sign your lease and pick up your keys
Move in and enjoy your new home!

Existing tenant reporting fault/issue

Please go through our checklist below

No heating or hot water

please check boiler pressure is between 1 and 2 and top up if necessary, is the pilot light on, if not relight

No electrics

please check your fuse board for any switches that are off

Washing machine

please check there is nothing blocking the filter

Leak from plumbing

please turn off your water immediately and contain the leak

Leak from roof/ceiling

please contain the leak (make a small hole in the ceiling if necessary to prevent it from bowing)

Contact Us

include a picture and describe the issue as clearly as possible

Please be as descriptive as possible and provide a photo of the problem when you can when using our repair reporting system below:

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